Our Values & Accountability

International Medical Corps’ organizational values and guiding principles have remained consistent: to provide relief, rebuild communities and enable self-reliance.

Our Values & Principles

International Medical Corps Croatia shares International Medical Corps’ organizational values and guiding principles, which have remained consistent over nearly four decades: to provide relief, rebuild communities and enable self-reliance.

The hallmarks of our programs are:

  • Sustainability in programming, through ensuring quality, value and excellence.
  • Care for the communities we support, enshrined in our commitment, responsibility and responsiveness to the needs and priorities for the communities we serve
  • Engagement through improving awareness and access to information, seeking out bold and innovative approaches to difficult and pressing challenges, and seizing opportunities for synergy through partnerships and collaboration.
  • Transparency as a result of our commitment to the communities we serve, through the establishment of productive working relationships and our pledge to operate openly and inclusively.
  • Accountability to the communities where we work, as well as with displaced persons and refugees.
  • Global lessons harnessed to inform and improve future interventions, by applying context-appropriate approaches where applicable and avoiding pitfalls through lessons learned.


International Medical Corps Croatia is committed to the following principles:

Humanity: Addressing human suffering wherever it is found. Our humanitarian actions protect life, health and respect for human beings.

Neutrality: We do not take sides in a conflict or engage in controversies of a political, racial, religious or ideological nature.

Impartiality: Our humanitarian actions are based on need, and prioritize the most urgent cases of distress. We make no distinctions about need on the basis of nationality, race, gender, religious belief, class or political viewpoint.

Operational Independence: Our humanitarian actions are entirely free of any political, economic, military or other objectives of donors or other actors with an interest in the areas where our work is implemented.

Ethics and Compliance

International Medical Corps Croatia, International Medical Corps and International Medical Corps UK have zero tolerance for any fraud, bribery, corruption, theft or other intentional misuse of funds.

Our mission requires that our staff work in some of the world’s most challenging places to relieve the suffering of those in the most difficult circumstances. Despite the tough and demanding environments, staff members must do their part to ensure that we operate with integrity and transparency. All of our employees, representatives and business partners must comply with applicable laws, regulations and contract requirements. In fact, our goal is not just to comply; we strive to abide by the highest standards of business ethics, operating with integrity, responsibility and accountability.

As a preeminent global first responder in an increasingly complex and dangerous world, International Medical Corps relies on generous donors to help get the job done. International Medical Corps and its affiliates are fully committed to being responsible implementing partners to all of our donors. Ethics and compliance are essential for any organization that invests public and private funds for the public good, and play a vital role in our lifesaving work around the world.

Reporting and Whistleblowing

Our Code of Ethics & Conduct works to nurture and ensure a culture of ethics and compliance among our worldwide staff. International Medical Corps Croatia and its affiliates, as well as International Medical Corps and International Medical Corps UK, actively encourage employees to speak up when they see problems, and have a policy that prohibits any retaliation against any employee making a good-faith report of suspected unlawful conduct.

International Medical Corps’ Chief Internal & Compliance Officer, who can be contacted at compliance@internationalmedicalcorps.org, reports directly to the Compliance, Audit and Risk Committee of the International Medical Corps Board of Directors, as well as to the President & CEO.

Anyone, including members of the general public, who suspects that International Medical Corps Croatia, or any of its employees, directors, officers, consultants, suppliers or other business partners, is not respecting or upholding any part of International Medical Corps Croatia’s standards in its Code of Conduct & Ethics is encouraged to report the matter to report@internationalmedicalcorps.org, or to use the anonymous reporting hotline at https://secure.ethicspoint.com/domain/media/en/gui/29929/index.html.

Ensuring Quality Through Monitoring and Evaluation

International Medical Corps Croatia is committed to ensuring that our programs are of the highest quality. In our mission to help the world’s most devastated communities return to self-reliance, we’re continually looking to improve the delivery of our programs by measuring our quality and performance. International Medical Corps Croatia works to the highest standards of integrity.

To monitor the performance and effectiveness of our current programs, and to improve the delivery of future projects, International Medical Corps and its affiliates regularly conduct program evaluations. We are committed to including monitoring and evaluation components into program planning and delivery wherever possible.

Transparency and Accountability

International Medical Corps and its affiliates have an unwavering commitment to the principles of transparency and accountability in its efforts to provide lifesaving healthcare to those in urgent need anywhere, anytime, no matter what the conditions.

International Medical Corps is a member the Core Humanitarian Standard Alliance, and adheres to the Sphere Project community of humanitarian response practitioners and their standards—all of which reinforce our commitment to the highest international standards of quality and accountability.