International Medical Corps Worldwide is a global humanitarian alliance that comprises the resources and capabilities of three independent affiliate organisations: International Medical Corps Croatia, International Medical Corps and International Medical Corps UK.

Together, our mission is to save lives and relieve suffering by providing medical services and healthcare-related training. With headquarters in Croatia, the United States and the United Kingdom respectively, we collaborate to maximise resources for the delivery of appropriate relief and development activities.

International Medical Corps Croatia Board of Directors

Višnja Čipčić
President, Board of Directors, General Assembly
Nancy A. Aossey
Member, General Assembly, on behalf of International Medical Corps
Amb. William Garvelink
Member, General Assembly
Vedran Jukić
Member, General Assembly
Adam Simon
Member, General Assembly
C. William Sundblad
Member, General Assembly
Stephen Tomlin
Member, Board of Directors, General Assembly
Stanka Babić
Secretary, Board of Directors