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We Are Responding to the Earthquake in Morocco

Late on Friday, September 8, a 6.8-magnitude struck a mountainous region of central Morocco, about 45 miles southwest of the historic city of Marrakech. The quake was followed by a series of powerful aftershocks.

More than 1,000 people have been killed, hundreds have been injured and many thousands have lost their homes. These numbers will likely rise as search-and-rescue efforts continue. Infrastructure—including power, water and, importantly, healthcare facilities—have been extensively damaged.

International Medical Corps is in communication with the World Health Organization and stands ready to deploy an Emergency Medical Team as needed and we are working with partners to support urgent relief and recovery needs.

International Medical Corps has a roster of volunteer healthcare specialists on call, an experienced global staff, supplies pre-positioned internationally, longstanding partnerships with global logistics and pharmaceutical firms, and are the only NGO in the world classified by the World Health Organization as a EMT Type 1 (Fixed and Mobile), able to deploy in 48 hours if requested by the government.

Please watch our website for more news about this rapidly evolving situation.

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