A Look Back: Two Years Since the Russian Invasion of Ukraine

Since Russia invaded Ukraine in February 2022, International Medical Corps has expanded our work throughout the country. Here’s a look at how we’ve helped.

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Top Ten Images of Humanitarian Aid from 2023

Like so many recent years, 2023 was a year of challenge and heartbreak for too many communities worldwide—wars rage on, the dangerous effects of climate change are on the rise and millions of people have been displaced from their homes, facing an uncertain future. Yet with the help of our global community of generous supporters, …

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When Disaster Struck Morocco and Libya, We Rushed In

When catastrophic natural disasters struck Morocco and Libya, International Medical Corps responded immediately. As usual, we are working with local partners and public authorities to provide critical care and supplies in the aftermath of these tragedies—and will expand the scope of our responses as needs dictate. Massive Earthquake in Morocco On September 8, a 6.8-magnitude …

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Update / Alert

We Are Responding to the Earthquake in Morocco

Late on Friday, September 8, a 6.8-magnitude struck a mountainous region of central Morocco, about 45 miles southwest of the historic city of Marrakech. The quake was followed by a series of powerful aftershocks. More than 1,000 people have been killed, hundreds have been injured and many thousands have lost their homes. These numbers will …

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