Empowering Women and Girls Around the World

Our gender-based violence teams reduce stigma, promote women’s empowerment and respond to violence in emergency settings.

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A Tale of Resilience and Sandstorms

At International Medical Corps, we’ve earned a reputation for being “first there, no matter where.” No matter how complex the challenges, no matter how remote the location, we’re committed to bringing lifesaving medical care and supplies to those who need it most. This story highlights the embodiment of this spirit: our team in Iraq, who …

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Battling the Threats of Stress and Depression Through Sports

There’s little space for youth recreational activities at the Khazir displacement camp in northern Iraq, nor is there a place where adolescents can relax and enjoy other informal social interaction. Limited resources and the lack of opportunities to engage in friendly competitive activities have added to the emotional burden for “tweens,” young teens and near-adult …

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