For Hurricane Dorian Survivors, Emotional Distress Lingers

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We Are Responding to the Floods in Europe

Western Europe has been devastated by flooding from heavy rains that started July 14.   Germany has been most affected, with entire towns inundated by water and at least 173 deaths. Officials note that between 60,000 and 70,000 people have been displaced—and with vast damage to homes, public buildings and utilities, recovery will be a …

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We Are Responding to the COVID-19 Surge in India

India is currently fighting a wave of COVID-19 that began in March, is sickening hundreds of thousand each day and is killing thousands—and these numbers are likely vastly underreported, showcasing the severity of this surge.   The current situation is extremely serious. At the current rate of infection, it is projected that 1 million people …

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